102-Extra- It Comes At Night

August 22, 2017

Kyle and Steve go to the movies because Mike isn't around. The outside is harsh and full of strangers. The dodge offers for spiderman heads to eat out of and old candy that wants to be consumed. Then they sat in chairs and watched a spooky flick. 


102-50 Brain Games

August 5, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve have their minds freaked by strange and funky brain puzzles from a television show. It all goes horribly wrong when a weird shape convinces Mike to go kill John F. Kennedy. We calmed him down though so it's cool. 


102-49 Tomorrowland

July 29, 2017

Kyle, Mike, Steve, and speical guest Steph take on this wet fart of a Disney movie. George can't fix evey movie...


102-48 The Last Man on Earth

July 21, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve all wake up one day to find no one around. They decied to do a podcast about it but get interrupted by strange people yelling their name. Its not for good reasons though, they want to eat us. Please send help.


102-47 36th Chamber of Shaolin

July 5, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve find themselves being run out of town by people who don’t enjoy anime, tv, or movies! They hear legends of the teachings of the podcast that can help teach the masses about these media. They have to endure 101 chambers of different teachings of podcasting and they rock every one so hard that they become the best podcasters ever to exist ever. They make their own chamber, the 102 chamber to talk about dumb things like Nice Boyz and what kind of tastycakes they like.


102-46 Savages

June 23, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve start to sell drugs on the side and become too successful? We gain the attention of some bad dudes and Mike gets adult-man-naped. Can Kyle and Steve get him back? Just how many wargasams will hold them back? Also its like 90 degrees when we recorded this. 


102-45 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

June 16, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve have awaken as wizards and the first spell they cast is to see Nic Cage in a movie with the dude who voiced Toothless. We have weird wants and needs. Don't you judge us we're wizards now, we could like curse you or something. Abra-ka-stop-reading!


102-44 Wet Hot American Summer

June 10, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve go back to summer camp where the mixes veggies talk and everyone is just a little bit too weird. 


102-43 Kamen Rider Drive

June 3, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve all sign up for the police and get more then they could have asked for. Hot wheels go flying, belt start talking, and time is slowing down? What on earth could be happening?


102-42 Iceman

May 26, 2017

Kyle, Mike, and Steve get frozen in avalanche and when they thaw out they get weird moive ideas... NICE BOYZ 4EVA